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  • ✔ Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • ✔ Weatherproof

  • ✔ Waterproof

  • ✔ Easy to assemble

  • ✔ Can be fixed to the ground

  • Limited stock!

Happy Customers


„Teqball has become the star of our gatherings! Stylish and versatile, it adds an exciting twist to any social event. Quick to learn, it caters to friends of all skill levels. Beyond just a game, Teqball sparks social interaction and friendly competition.”


„As a small business owner, finding ways to foster a positive work environment is crucial. I recently invested in a Teqball table for our office, and the impact has been remarkable. It has become the go-to activity during breaks, encouraging team members to unwind and engage in friendly competition.”


„TEQ table has revolutionized our family activities. As a parent, I love how it seamlessly combines exercise with entertainment. It has become a staple for quality family time, encouraging healthy competition and a break from screens.”

Frequently Asked


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Can the TEQ tables withstand extreme temperatures?

All the tables have the same level of durability and have the benefit of being weather-resistant.

What are the TEQ table’s highest and lowest temperature limits?

The lowest is: -4°F and the highest is: +104 °F

How much time does it take to assemble the products?

TEQ ONE: 0,5 hours; TEQ LITE: 3 hours ; TEQ SMART: 2 hours

What conditions do we need to meet to set up the TEQ tables and what surfaces are suitable for placement of the tables?

The tables can be set up on various surfaces, ranging from sandy beaches to grassy fields. However, the recommended

surfaces for installation are:

Option "A": at least 55.1 inches x 96.5 inches, 3.9 inches thick concrete base

Option "B": 6 pieces of at least 11.8 inches x 11.8 inches, 11.8 inches thick concrete block 

How much space is required for each of the teqsports?

Teqball: competition: 52.5 x 39.4 feet; recreational use: 39.4 x 32.8 feet

Teqvoly: competition: 59.1 x 52.5 feet; recreational use: 52.5 x 39.4 feet

Teqis: competition: 42 x 26.8 feet; recreational use: 32.8 x 21.3 feet

Teqpong: competition: 29.5 x 11.5 feet; recreational use: 23 x 9.8 feet

Qatch: competition: 65.6 x 65.6 feet; recreational use: 45.9 x 49.2 feet 

Can teqball be played with other kinds of balls?

It can, but it is not recommended. The teqball ball is uniquely designed to complement the table for a seamless game


Why do the prices of pro products (TEQ ONE/SMART) and lite products (TEQ LITE) differ so much?

The biggest difference is in the materials. The fiberglass reinforced polyester(TEQ LITE) has a much more affordable

price than high-quality laminate and the really stable metal frame under it (TEQ ONE/SMART) but it doesn’t affect the

game. The surface treatment of TEQ ONE and TEQ SMART tables are much better than the TEQ LITE’s. Further

more, TEQ SMART table features gas springs and wheel bearings. The TEQ ONE and TEQ SMART tables were designed

for competitive sports, and the TEQ LITE table is for recreational usage. 

 What are the basic rules of each teqsports?

The game rules are available online at, where you can also find some video samples of people playing

the game.