TEQ Table is a new piece of sports equipment, which is perfectly suitable for professional athletes as well as amateur enthusiasts whose ambition is to develop their technical skills, concentration and stamina. The fun nature of the sports played on the table also make it a perfect leisure activity.

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Uniting Amateurs and Professionals in a Shared Love for Teqsports


TEQ ONE is a new and revolutionary sports equipment that took over two years’ testing and research to eventually develop the final innovative and sophisticated shape.


Made to be durable and stable. The steel leg structure can be fixed to the ground and features an anti-corrosive coating to withstand the seasons

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Teqball is intense, and the fine-structured HPL tabletop ensures a strong surface to keep the games going

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Unrivaled Performance

The TEQ ONE table excels in every setting, from leisurely games in your garden to the high stakes of the Teqball Championships, offering consistent excellence to all enthusiasts.

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The incredibly fast-paced sport of Teqball is a new twist on an old favorite that's gaining popularity around the world

Heroes of Teqball: Apor Gyorgydeak

Heroes of Teqball: Apor Gyorgydeak

A young boy who quickly rose from a newcomer of Teqball to a bronze medallist at his debuting world championships, who had a long unbeaten streak with ten events and...

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