What happens when you combine table tennis, soccer, and a curved table? Teqball, of course! The world's fastest growing sport has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. It is a new twist to an old favorite of millions.  

Does it now sound unique? You may be hearing it for the first time, but it is the fastest-growing sport that evolved from soccer. And it is gaining popularity quickly. Want to know all about it? 

What is Teqball?

Teqball was born in 2012 in Hungary by three football enthusiasts: former professional player Gábor Borsányi, businessperson György Gattyán and computer scientist Viktor Huszár. 

The soul of teqball lies in the curved table—a new and revolutionary piece of sports equipment that took over two years’ testing and research to eventually develop its final innovative and sophisticated shape. The net is solid plexiglass and thus the ball bounces back from it, so the concept of uninterrupted games is no longer a dream. 

The game is a cross between soccer and table tennis. It is a fast-paced, intense game requiring quick thinking, alertness, and swift hand movements. Beyond the tactical skills, team spirit and endurance are also needed for this sport to be played at the highest level. Aside from physical activity, playing teqball also contributes to improving mental health & concentration. 

The rules state that you must hit the ball with any part of your body other than your hands. The player must send the ball into the opponent's half, so the blow is not reflected. The projectile can only be touched three times. Furthermore, you are not permitted to hit the ball with the same body part twice in a row. 

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Benefits of Playing Teqball

A great way to improve your soccer skills

Teqball develops the athlete's ball and coordination skills, the player’s physical abilities like their general stamina and agility, their cognitive and mental attributes like concentration, forward-thinking and decision-making, as well as their technical skills like first touch, directional touches, defending through using their anticipation.  

It is a sport made for everyone 

Everybody can learn how to play teqball regardless of age, gender, and sports background. It is gender equitable, and any age groups can play with or against each other. 

You can become a champion! 

We know that teqball is a new game, and it is emerging. It has also been projected to gain more popularity in the upcoming years. This means that the game has a lot of potential and if you master it, you are likely to become a professional and start a career out of it. 

Explore the world 

By making a career, one can become a professional and make a living by participating in international events. 


Wrapping it up 

Teqball is simply unique in terms of its benefits. It improves coordination, reaction time, flexibility, and agility while allowing you to train all major muscle groups. That is why teqball is used in training many top soccer clubs, including Real Madrid, Chelsea, PSG, Ajax, and Arsenal.  

Ronaldinho, Luis Figo, Simo Sabroso, Robert Pires, and Sean Garnier are all big fans of the game. 

This game has a lot of potential and if you establish expertise in it, you are likely to become the next champion.  

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