Don't forget these...

Everyone has their own journey, but we are all part of the same movement. The TEQSPORTS™ Story Tee will inspire you to share your experiences both on and off the court. 

Story on the back of the Tee: TEQSPORTS™ are gender equal, disabled friendly sports that beside the football based TEQBALL™ include 4 other fun dynamic sports like TEQVOLY™, QATCH™, TEQIS™ and TEQPONG™. The soul of teqsports is the 100% Hungarian innovation, the CURVED TEQ™ table, created by co-founders György Gattyán, Gábor Borsányi and Viktor Huszár. Thanks to the curved form of the table the ball bounces towards the player, giving an uninterrupted game experience. Try it out and Join the Teqers! 

Material information 

  • 95% cotton 
  • 5% lycra 

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